Learn Django from Basics to Advance, Down To Deployment (Update)

What you’ll learn
Django Very Basics To Advance
user authentication
how to create a register page
login page
logout page
working with database
displaying messages to users
function base views
class base views and many more

have python installed
Welcome to Django Very Basic. If you’re new to Django or have gotten lost in online tutorials, this is the course for you. you will get a very good understanding of how Django works.

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Things About the course

you are learning every lastest thing in Django, it a recent course, and every new thing about Django is intact,

lastest things about Django will be updated all the time, so once you get this course you will be so much satisfied with Django, in other words, you don’t need to spend much money about other courses, it is well detail and it covers the Basics to the Advance concept of Django.

You can ask for anything you want to Learn also and will be added.

Things are so explained that you don’t need to ask questions but if you don’t understand anything I will be on the ground to put you through 24Hours…

what we are going to be building

Social Forum

we are going to build a full-featured Forum where users can log in, Logout, Create Post, and many more, building a forum application will teach you a lot of how Django works

Build an Application Form

you are to learn to create a fully functional form, where people can submit their application, we will also learn how to save the data and do anything with it,

What is Django…

Django is the best programming language to Create Web Apps. Why? Because it’s very simple to learn and Django allows you to create your app easily.

WHY this Django course?

there are lots of courses out there, they explain or assume you already know it, in this course I assume you know nothing about Django, every concept is well-explained step by step.

You’re a newcomer to coding and want to learn everything from scratch? You’ll learn the Django programming language, with a well-detailed explanation. And you’ll write your own codes.

One Thing About this course

you can easily start up with any section you feel you need first

will also be updated

Become the developer the world needs


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