JAVA: Making a discord bot from scratch

What you’ll learn
Java Programming – Use skills like variables, functions, casting, iteration, and more implementing various methods.
API Integration – We use a Java wrapper of the discord API to connect directly with discord.
Heroku Deployment – We learn to use Heroku’s CLI in order to deploy our bot to the internet available 24/7
Discord – Learn about the infrastructure of discord, it’s inner workings, and what we can or cannot control with the bot.
Gradle – Adding and removing libraries, shadowJAR plugin to create big jar files, and downloading dependencies.
IntelliJ – Several commonly used shortcuts.

A basic knowledge of Java
In this course, we will show you how to make your very own discord bot. Discord bots are extremely cool and useful for your server, and learning how to code one will allow you to have greater control over your server’s moderation functions as well as being a fun side project.

Have you ever wanted to apply your Java skills in a real application? With this course, we will be able to create a fully customizable, useful, and friendly discord bot.

We’ll start off by teaching you the basics of discord, working on moderation commands until you feel comfortable working with the discord API. Then we’ll continue by teaching you about more discord data structures like EmbedBuilder, JDA, and more!

After this and at the end of each section you’ll be given the code in order to make sure that your code works!

We’ll finish off the course by uploading and hosting a realtime 24/7 discord bot and even show you how you can make quick and fast changes using config files directly to Heroku.

After completing the course you will have a certification you can post to your LinkedIn profile and a completely functional discord bot you can share with your friends and even publish it to discord bot websites.

This one of the few if not only Java discord course in the market, so enroll now and prepare to take your Java skills to the next level!

Who this course is for:
Beginner Java developers looking for an application of their knowledge


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