Full Stack Automation – Selenium Webdriver (Updated 5/2020)

Learn selenium and integrate with TestNG, Maven, GitHub, SonarQube, GMail and Jenkins

What you’ll learn

A complete Automation Testing including Selenium basic, Selenium frameworks like Page Object Model, KeyWord Driven Framework
They will learn Maven and TestNG
And then they will learn how to integrate with Jenkins and GitHUB
Also thye will learn Cucumber with Selenium Java


If you want to be a master in Automation Testing, you should learn Core Java first. This course is only for automation testing


This course will give you complete automation testing knowledge and you will be full stack automation engineer, where you will lean selenium and integrate with TestNG, Maven, GitHub, SonarQube, GMail and Jenkins

This course will start from very basic level with no prior experience required and cover End-To-End automation with Selenium & Jenkins. At the end of course we will also learn Cucumber a Behavior Driven Development framework and will be used along with Gherkin, Selenium, Java, Maven, Eclipse, GIT

This course will also cover how you can push your written code to GIT (Version Control System) and use that code in Jenkins (CI) to run your automation and generate report.

This course will give you enough knowledge to implement automation framework for your upcoming project. We will learn Page object model, keyword driven framework, data driven framework with TestNG.

After that we will integrate project with Jenkins and GITHUB and create a pipeline (CI)

We will see how to write Step definition file, Feature file and different cucumber option to execute it.

Who this course is for:

Manual Testing, Business Analyst, Students who wants to start career in Automation

Full Stack Automation – Selenium Webdriver(Update 05/05/2020)

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