Become HAProxy Load Balancer Expert -Using Ansible Playbook

If you’re thinking to become HAProxy Load Balancing Administrator, or you want to start to understand Load Balancer Algorithm, then this course is perfect for you.

What you’ll learn

Student will learn Load Balancing concept

Student will learn High Availability concept

Student will able to install HAProxy

Student will able to create several type of Local Balancing Algorithms


Student has Linux basic concept

Student has TCP/IP basic concept

Student has Networking basic knowledge


You will see video after video, from bners with explanations that are easy to understand. Also this course will provide many examples that make it easy for you to follow and understand. In the first section, you will learn how to get all file configurations that we used during the course. You can use that file configurations to reproduce it on your environment.

In this course, you will use Ansible Playbook to deploy HAProxy cluster, and monitoring in VMWare environment. Using this Ansible playbook will make easy to deploy/manage HAProxy cluster.

This course has 14 sections, 86 lectures, and about 13 hours 32 minutes duration. You can all videos, and watch them without internet connection. Most videos are about how to build HAProxy configuration by examples. You will follow step by step how to use and manage HAProxy cluster.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Understanding HAProxy concept and architecture

Installing HAProxy using Ubuntu and CentOS

Creating HAProxy cluster HA using KeepAlived

Install HAProxy cluster using Ansible playbook

Install HAProxy HA KeepAlived using Ansible playbook

Install KeepAlived monit monitoring using Ansible playbook

Manage HAProxy Using API and curl samples

Forward HAProxy log to Logstash/elasticsearch, check log using Kibana

Managing HAProxy Load Balancing Algorithm

Managing(creating and removing) HAProxy type and mode

Configuring HAProxy kernel to get high performance

Configuring HAProxy Load Balancer base on any algorithm types

Configuring HAProxy Round Robin LBA

Configuring HAProxy Static-rr (Static Round Robin)

Configuring Least Connection LBA

Configuring HAProxy Source IP Address Hashed LBA

Configuring HAProxy with SSL Teation

Configuring HAProxy with SSL Pass-Through

Configuring HAProxy URL Forwarding

Configuring HAProxy Using Recipes

Understand HAProxy Server Bencmarking and Tuning

Configuring HAProxy with HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 support

Configuring HAProcy with gRPC support

Understanding WAF (Web Application Firewall) for HAProxy

Configuring HAProxy Defense Against DDOS

Tuning HAProxy Performance

Configuring WhiteList IP Address and Restrict Specific IP Address

Monitoring HAProxy using Zabbix

Creating Grafana Dashboard for HAProxy frontend and backend


After you finished this course, you will have confident to use and manage HAProxy cluster.

Please ping and message me if you need my help to follow this course.


Muhammad Yusuf Efendi

Zabbix Certified Professional

IT Cloud Expert

Who this course is for:

Student who want to learn HAProxy Load Balancing

Student who want to manage HAProxy Load Balancing

Student who want to use HAProxy as High Availability and Load Balancing


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