Automated web testing with WebDriver and Serenity BDD

Everything you need to know to get you up and running writing high quality web tests with Selenium WebDriver and Serenity BDD

Learn how to write high quality automated web tests in Java with Selenium WebDriver.

Selenium WebDriver is a skill that every test automation specialist must master. But it is not as simple as it seems, and it is easy to end up writing code that is flaky and hard to maintain.
This course will teach you how to write Selenium WebDriver code that stands the test of time.
You will learn the fundamentals of working with Selenium WebDriver in Java. But you will learn by example how to write high quality automation code, robust selectors, as well as more advanced concepts such as Page Objects.
Once you have mastered the fundamentals of Selenium WebDriver, you will be able to move on to more advanced topics such as writing low maintenance, high reuse automated tests with Serenity BDD and the Screenplay pattern.
We are currently expanding this course to include Web testing with Serenity BDD. New modules will be added every couple of weeks.


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